Rick Ingram


 Rick installs MrMike seat kits.
 Provides Fiero & Miata seats for installations.

My restoration of Fiero seats include:

1) Removal, media blasting, painting, and lubrication of the seat rails. I do NOT make any adaptations to the rails nor do I provide adaptors to bolt the Fiero seats into the MGB floor pans. (For my installations, I simply move the Fiero seat back on the floor far enough for the front pads to clear the cross member found under the car and then drill four new holes in the floor per seat.)

2) I build up the side bolsters of both seats; seat back and seat bottom.

3) I provide labor to install MrMike's upholstery kits. I have a deal with MrMike where he will extend the discount he offers me to you if you are having me do your seats and have the kits drop shipped to me. This is a 5% discount...on vinyl or leather kits. See http://www.mrmikes.com I ask that the customer choose the type of upholstery, the stitching pattern, the colors, and any extras (speaker holes, four-point harness slots, embroidery, etc) and order/pay for the kit directly from MrMike and have it shipped to me. I do highly recommend that you order the leather seat adjuster pulls ($10/pair) from MrMike.

4) I provide the above services for a flat rate labor charge of $250. This does NOT include the cost of the upholstery kit nor the cost of speakers if required. (Speakers can be no larger than 3-1/2" in diameter; two pair are required. Cost is typically about $100 for the two pair of seats, depending upon brand of speaker). Customer can provide speakers to me if they wish or I will source them for you.

5) Extra services that I provide include installing speakers in the headrests ($50/pair of seats) and cutting harness slots ($50/pair of seats). I can also add seat heaters ($50/pair labor plus the cost of the heater units).

6) I sell Fiero seats (as is). Prices fluctuate depending upon supply. Please contact me for current prices. If you already have a pair of Fiero seats, we might be able to work out an exchange with your seats becoming a "core". Do you still have the original upholstery? (I re-use the formed lumbar foam found in the seat back and the stay rods found in both seat bottoms and seat backs.)

7) If you cannot pick the completed seats up (I live in St.Joseph, IL 61873) we might be able to arrange to meet at a mid-point. I only charge my fuel costs based on 16mpg at current gasoline prices and round trip mileage for me. If my journey requires an overnight, my hotel charges/meals would need to be covered as well. If neither of the above is possible, I ship via UPS Ground and charge actual shipping charges.

8) I prefer payment by cash or check, but will accept PayPal. There is a 4% surcharge for PayPal payments.

Pieces of Eight! - Rick Ingram P.O.Box 588 St.Joseph, IL 61873
217.468.2007 (land) or 217.778.5097 (cell) mgstruts@aol.com or mowog1@aol.com http://www.mgstruts.com

From: Al
Sent: Friday, November 03, 2017
To: mrmike@mrmikes.com
Subject: seat covers

Mr Mike, This past Sunday I picked up my Fiero seats from Rick Ingram, and I am delighted with the look and feel of the #34 leatherette upholstery.
I will send pictures after I get them installed.
The color is a very close match to my Autumn Leaf interior.
Rick did an excellent job on installing your covers on the seats, they look fantastic and I couldn't be happier.

Thank you again for the excellent craftsmanship and service. Al


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