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For Replicars, Dune Buggys, and more.

All pictures on are of customer installed seat kits. They did it, you can do it, its easy.
For details about the Fiero seats kit please visit my
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The Countach
Hi Mike,
As promised here are pictures of my Lambo with the Mr. Mike's interior.
I have been very satisfied with the seat covers, materials, and help you gave.



Dash & Doors by Rob Kusakabe

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The Ferari Kit Cars

I have ordered 3 additional sets since the Testarossa was
completed for my other replica's. Keep up the great workmanship and quality!
Take care.

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The Pantera

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The Dune-Buggy

"MrMike, here are some pictures of your seats in the Manx I built. The seats are awesome and were very easy to upholster.
   I set up a TV & VCR in my garage and followed along with your step-by-step instructions. I even repaired a severely damaged bolster and with your guidance... no one can tell.
   The back seat you made ties it all together. It is ready for its first show in June. Enjoy."

Myers Manx Dune-Buggy
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Above: Pila's Mira in Hawaii.  MrMikes Leathers in Dark & Light Gray with Horse logos.

 Lee's New Seats

 Fiero seats in David's Briklin
 I got a lot of compliments on the interior
 and much of that is for the seats.
 Appreciate your help.
 David P.



Hello Mike;
   I have a replica dash lined up and was wondering if you'd perform the work ?

Hi Kurt,
Sorry no, I don't cover parts, but I do sell bulk matching leathers and vinyls.

Here are some pointers:

1. Install all the parts FIRST.
Install everything, vents / gauges / brackets / door panels / everything into the car.
It is during this first install that you will do any trimming or alterations.
When it’s all perfect THEN remove it / dismantle it / and upholster the parts.
It is more work but the only way to get a perfect job.
Once the parts are padded and upholstered it is not possible to make alterations.

2. Pay particular attention to clearances between the dashboard -to- door panels,
and around the door panels -to- door jamb trim. I have seen too many kit-cars
where the dash -to- doors make contact, and the door panels rub on the door jamb trim.
This makes for squeaks and the upholstery eventually rubs through.

3. Cover the fiberglass parts with a thin layer of ‘Closed Cell Foam’ and sand smooth prior to upholstery.
Closed cell foam is also known as ‘Landau Pad’.
This will give the finished parts that stiff padding factory feel.
Don’t use a sponge foam like headliner, this gives the parts a puffy home made look.
Be sure to scuff closed cell foam with 40 grit sandpaper to make the glue stick to it.

4. Use high heat contact cement, cars get very hot inside, cheap glue melts and all your work goes down the drain.

Thank you,

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