Rocky's Fiero  Back

"Hello MrMike, I knew your seats would look good, but you blew me away with the quality of your craftsmanship and the outstanding materials used, ABSOLUTELY IMPECCABLE. Thanks for spending the extra effort to ensure that my custom seat logo looked correct, you gave me everything I was looking for and more. I know now I am going to "take down" some car shows, pics of 'our' trophies will be forthcoming. You were right on the Black in the seats bringing balance to the interior, thanks for your expertise. PS: you should add this logo to your available collection... bad to the bone...lots of rave.

I placed 2nd in one of San Antonio's biggest car shows...not bad for a rookie who spent a total of $2500 on a car (Car was given to me by a friend).
Thanks Amigo for the best looking seats at the show.

I have put a lot of hours in her (unassisted).
painted her panels off with my own design,
with 1972 Corvette orange metallic.
I built the welded structural steel roll bars.
The carpet is from Diane at Automotive Interiors and found the perfect match,
glad you had them on your list...thanks.