Gift Certificates
 Back Gift Certificates are easy to give.

  Available in any amount starting at $50.


 You (the provider) contact MrMike at:


      Phone  941-922-5070

  1. We ask for your name and the recipients name.

  2. You specify the price you wish to spend.

  3. An authentication number is assigned.

 The names, dollar amount, and an authentication code are inserted.

 This certificate is emailed to You (the provider) to print.

 A duplicate is printed here at for the record.

 Print the certificate.

 Place the printed certificate in an appropriate card.

  The recipient opens it and  SURPRISE!

 When recipient contacts MrMike and places an order...

 The order is created and ALL Gift Certificates given to the recipient are applied.
   Multiple certificates are credited to the order.

  If the total of all gift certificates exceeds the total order,
     ALL excess dollars are refunded to the customer.

  MrMike makes and ships the kit to the recipient.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask,
Thank you,
941- 922- 5070
10-4 M-F eastern time