Miata Seat Mounts
for MGB


 Carl's Miata Seat Mounts for MGB
-with permission from Carl-

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• Miata seats in your MGB!
Replace your worn, uncomfortable seats with modern seats from a Mazda Miata with this new adapter kit!
Easy, bolt-in installation in less time than it takes to re-work your old seats.
This kit fits all MGBs and MGB/GTs 1968-1980 and can be modified to fit earlier cars.
Our 2nd generation adapters are now lighter and even easier to install!

Easy to install using factory bolt locations. Only minor modifications of seat rails necessary with common hand tools.
• Miata seats offer modern comfort and support, many fabric and color choices and headrest speakers.
• Improves clearance between legs and steering wheel and provides more rearward seat travel.
• All-steel construction for durability and powder coated for corrosion protection (and now lighter!)
• Kit includes brackets, all necessary hardware and detailed instructions. Miata seats and rails not included.
• Coming soon from Crate Parts—Miata seat kits for your Midget and TR250/6/Spitfire.


CP8-001 Miata Seat Adapter Kit for MGB & MGB/GT

Only $139.95 plus shipping

Continental United States ONLY -
for Alaska/Hawaii and all foreign addresses,
please email us for shipping quotes.

Please note that these kits have a shipping weight of 11 pounds
and will not fit in a
Priority Mail Flat Rate box.

 Driver’s side floorboard area with seat adapter plates installed.
  Note the bolts going down through to the floorboard’s captured nuts.

picture coming soon

 Preparing the Miata seats for installation:
 The first thing that needs to be done to the Miata seats is to remove the seatbelt latch assembly.
 Simply unbolt and discard.
 This part isn’t needed since you’ll be using your body-mounted seatbelts.

 Next it is time to modify the seat rails themselves.
  They can remain attached to seats while this is done.

 The front and rear of each seat rail is bent downward.
  Bend these  so that they are straight and level with the rest of the seat rail.

 Lay the seat on its back on a large table or the floor.
  Take your large adjustable wrench and clamp it to the end of the seat rail and,
   using it as a lever, bend the rail up until it is flat.

 Once you’ve done the front parts of the rails,
  flip the seats over and repeat on the rear part of the rails.

 Around each locating pin is a small white plastic bushing that needs to be removed.
  Cut this off with a utility knife.

 After removing the plastic piece, use a hacksaw or whatever is handy
  and remove the skinny portion of the locating pin.

 Leave the big round nub attached to the rail, but take off the long skinny part
  that was beneath the plastic.


Installing the Miata seats:
Take the seat (with rails attached) and carefully lower it onto the adapter plates.
The holes at the front and back of each seat rail should line up with the 3/8” threaded holes.
Begin bolting down the seat rails through the waiting 5/8” hole in each plate.
Do not tighten down the bolts fully until all 4 have been threaded in.

Repeat this procedure on the other side and your Miata seats are now installed and ready for use!


 Crate Parts
 445 W 22nd St
 Holland, MI 49423-5900

 (616) 355-2850


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