MrMikes Miata Upholstery Kits
- Why? -


 Why should you put Miata seats in your European roadster?


 Why should you put a MrMikes upholstery kit on your Miata seats?

 This man is 5 ft. 10
  He is sitting in a Miata seat
   Notice that the top of the seat is at his ear,
    that his shoulders are supported below the headrest.

 Original European roadster seats are often low,
  providing little back or shoulder support,
   and no neck or head restraint at all.


 Miata seats have a modern recline feature.


 Miata seats are bolstered for side support.


 Miata seats are inexpensive.


 Miata seats are easy to adapt to your car.

 MrMikes upholstery kit for Miata is:


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