Kit Car Upholstery


Here at MrMikes every effort is made to source as many raw materials as possible
 from USA manufacturers.
These are used in the assemblage of the kit you will receive.
This does not mean an increase in cost.
With a little awareness it is possible to source materials made in the USA
at equal to or less than the cost of foreign manufacturers.

For Example:

Razor Blades per 100 count:
In March 2016,
My Supplier: China made = $7.50
Home Depot: China made = $7.95
AceHardware: China made = $7.95
Lowes: Made in USA = $6.95

Plymouth, MN

Cotton Padding

Claremont, NC


Detroit, MI

Cardboard Boxes

Bradenton, FL

Spray Glue

Norcross, GA

1-2-3 foam packs

Tampa, Florida

More Foam

Baltimore, MD

More Foam

Spartanburg, NC

More Foam

Greenville, SC


Atlanta, GA

Packing Tape

Rogersville, TN

Duct Tape
(for seat core repairs)