Bayani's  Pantera


Mr. Mike,
I've been meaning to send you a picture.
Thank you for all your help and support.
Your video makes rebuilding the seats easy.

Bayani,  Aiea, Hawaii
1972 De Tomaso Pantera

I used the stock Pantera tracks but had to weld tabs to increase the length and also provide a 1 inch offset because the mounting holes on the Fiero seats are 1 inch closer than mounting holes on the Pantera floor board. The offset was also required to center the seats.
 See Pictures below >
My friend mounted Fiero seats on his Pantera using the Fiero seat tracks but he had to modify it to fit also. So, no matter which way you go, modifying the seat track is the most challenging part of the build especially if you've never had any experience in fabrication.

Attached are some pictures of the modified Pantera seat tracks. Sorry I
don't have pictures of how they are mounted to the car in order to fit.
If anyone needs details on how these tracks are actually modified and
mounted to the car so they will fit, give me their email address and I
will gladly provide them assistance.

Regards and a Warm Aloha,







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