Stan's Daytona replica
based on a '78 Corvette


Mr. Mike,

After lots of prep work (custom and lowered seat tracks, rear deck shoulder harness mounting plates, etc),
yesterday I started the actual install of the upholstery, and finished everything today.

To cut the shoulder harness holes;
I used a Dremel with a sharp drill bit instead of a cutting tool,
and drilled many holes just through the metal with it,
and then finished cutting the metal using the same tool as a hand-held router, cutting from hole to hole.
To make sure the overall holes looked neat when finished, I left nearly all the existing foam in the back,
and just cut the slit in the front.
The install came out clean as you can see.

Attached are 3 photos which I took this afternoon.
I particularly wanted to show how the shoulder harnesses came out from front and back,
as well as how the car looks now.
The seats do the car justice.
Thanks for a great product.