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For Corvette

 Fiero seats in C2 & C3 Corvettes.
  *Price for upholstery kit only, You acquire the Fiero seats yourself.
 $449 per pair - Leather-ette
$699 per pair - Leather
 Add 2-tone - Free.
 Add Color Welts - Free.
 Embroidered Logos - $29 pr.
 Speaker holes - $29 pr.

 Includes video instructions & install kit.

  *For complete information please go to
 Fiero Home 


MIATA seats in a 1969  Corvette

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Fiero Seats In Corvette

"Corvette Blocks Style"

Black, period.

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the seats in my 72 Vette on your site. They look fantastic. Thanks

Fiero seats in a
Daytona replica based on a '78 Corvette

Italian Style, with twin lines on the bolsters “all the way”.
Single Outboard seat belt slots

Stan W. in Virginia
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Tips for bolting Fiero seats
to Corvette tracks:

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Semi-Sport Style
Saddle & Chestnut
*New Logo Design*
1971 Stingray
Lon in California

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Vetter Style
Palomino Leather-ette
Vette #3 Logos
Outboard seatbelt slots.
1973 Stingray
Mike S. in California

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Semi-Sport Style
Black & Yellow
Vette #3 Logos
1976 Stingray
Keith C. in Florida

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Semi-Sport Style
Black & Black Dots
All Black Vette #3 Logos
Single outboard Seatbelt Slots

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  1 Special Red ordered from
Al Knoch's
to match the customer's car.
  2   Cut off the headrests for C2's 

Vetter style

Red Leather

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 3 Semi-Sport style

Light Gray & Black
with Black edge welts
and Vette #3 logos.

(click picture to see larger)
Semi-Sport style

Black with
customer supplied Black suede.
Vette #2 Logos

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5 Fiero seats in a 1969 Corvette

Semi-Sport style

Vette #4 Logos

6 Fiero seats in a 1963 Corvette

Classic style

Vette #1 Logos

Fiero seats in a project Corvette

"Mr. Mike,
Well....the job was ALMOST as easy as you show in your DVD.
The seats look great in my opinion,
but the car is not ready for photos,
as you can see.
Thanks for a great product, Fred."

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8 Fiero seats in a 1969 Corvette

Custom ordered style:
(customer supplied 'Comfort Weave' material,
sewn to replicate original corvette)

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9 Fiero seats in a 1969 Corvette

Semi-Sport style


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10 Fiero seats for '72 Corvette

Vetter style
Black & Dark Tan
Up & Over 2-tone
Vette #3 Logos
Dark Tan edge welts



11 Fiero seats kit for a
1978 Corvette Pace Car.

Semi-Sport style

Silver leather &
Black leather.

Vette #2 Logos

Black welts

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Hey Mike,
One down and one to go,
you have another satisfied customer!
Blake R.


Mr. Mike, I gotta say I am damn please with the way the seats came out, I was nervous about doing it myself and thought of asking a friend that has done lots of upholstery work but I wanted to be able to say I did it. After watching your video the first time it gave me the confidence to march on. The whole job took me about 4 hours, I watched step by step stopping the video each time it was time to get the specific job done and if I had questions I just backed it us a bit to help me figure it out. I will be doing a thread on my fiero seat install in my corvette and will be sure to let everyone know what a great product you have and what a great person you have been to me.
Thank you again for everything!
Tony S.
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Here are pictures of the seats installed, I'm extremely pleased with the seats
and your products, love the Trim Brite!
My wife has been helped me with this interior upgrade and we both are extremely pleased with the seats! Thank you for a great video to help us through the installation!
Randal and Rebecca B.
(click picture to see more)


Jason B. vette pics
Seat covers are finally on and they look great. Just wanted to drop you a few pictures for the web site. And thanks again for all your help in getting these done.
(click picture to see more)


When I complete interior I will send more pictures.

Just finished the seats and I can only say Thank You. 



"Fiero in Blue vette Absolutely amazing! Even fun,
Let me know if you need better pics. Took this with my phone.
Len Here are the better pics. Sorry it took so long!"

Len in California

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Palomino Leather-ette
Vetter Style
Vette #3 Logos
Outboard seatbelt slots.
1973 Stingray
Mike S. in

(click picture to see more)







 Hi Mr. Mike,
I installed my new covers yesterday and I'm writing to tell you just how pleased I am with your product.
The quality of the materials and construction is quite impressive,
and the additional tools, materials and instructions that you supply make the installation
an enjoyable task for someone with little experience in upholstery work.

The Fiero seats are going to be the highlight of the interior of my project Corvette;
I'll be certain to send you some photos of the installation once the interior is all together.
Thanks again for a great product, and for your excellent service.

Richard in Connecticut

Logos $29pr.


Vette #1

Vette #2

Vette #3

Vette #4

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