Serge's Corvette  


Why the Fiero seats with Fiero seat covers?
I like the Fiero seats with MrMikes Leathers,
they look so Native.. in a c3 corvette.

Fiero seat covers installation-
My wife had to hold me down to eat my dinner because as soon as I was done with dinner, I ran to the garage, grabbed one of the Fiero seats, the box from MrMikes, pulled out the instructional DVD that was included, and got to work installing them.

(you can see my handy dandy Panasonic DVD player in the picture :)
pulled the Fiero seat covers onto the seats:
And Voila!
Compared to the older seats,
Id say MrMikes Leathers
 do a VERY nice job making the seats look good.
both seats done side by side:
MrMikes Fiero leathers in my c3 Corvette.

Overall, Im VERY happy with the ease of installation
and look of MrMikes Fiero leathers
and would recommend this mod to ANYONE
wanting some different seats in their c3.
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