Alter the Fiero
Recliner Cover


Alter the Recliner Covers
The Fiero recliner hardware has a cover.
There is a 'Tang' that sticks out,
this catches the seatbelt and
keeps it from getting behind the seat.
When installing Fiero seats into other cars,
clearance issues may require the removal
of this 'Tang'.
Below is how I do it:

1. Cut off the Tang.

This can be done with most any saw;
handsaw, hacksaw, jigsaw,
I prefer to use an
electric reciprocating saw (Sawz-All)
Cut in a straight line
just below the Tang,
error on the side of leaving too much...
2. Use a Belt Sander to round
off the cut.
You can use a hand sanding block,
but a belt sander cuts the time to
less than a minute.
Use heavy grit like 80,
eats this plastic
like a hot knife through butter.
3. Note: Use Good Covers.
I prefer to invest my time
in altering decent parts, not junk.
Be aware that the cover has
a) the Tab: this often breaks,
see a fix below.
b) the Nibs or Spacers,
these often break,
see a fix below.
4. Wrap the part.
I prefer to wrap the parts instead of
using Bondo like products
and a paint job.
(but my experience is in upholstery,
if yours is in body-shop feel free)