Fiero Seat
Tips & Tricks


Under Construction

  Repair the Backrest foam
  Repair the Bottom foam
  Put The Bolts Back In

Swap the seat bottoms

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So if I Swap the damaged Driver side bottom
to the Passenger side,,,
Will the damaged Driver side bottom
Magically repair itself?

The Bottom Has Fallen Out

I hear:
"The leather under my butt looks loose,
do I need more padding?"

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Bent, Broken, Missing, or
Rusty Rods


Pad the Shoulders

Pad the Leg Bolsters

There are rips in my seat foam,
how do I fix this?

Glue the Side Back On

Broken Pivot Pin Clips

What Bolts Go Where?


Pontiac ripped 2 big chunks of foam
out of my 84 & 85 Fiero headrests.
Why is the side of the headrest
caved in?

I don't want speakers
in my headrests,
how do I fill the holes?

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I DO want speakers
in my headrests,
how do I add them?

Alter the Recliner Cover

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Recover the face of the Dashboard Pocket

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Paint the Badges