Fiero Seat Repairs:
Swap the Bottoms
The details below concern swapping the
Fiero seat BOTTOM parts.
The BACKS are side specific and not interchangeable.
The Fiero seat BOTTOM parts are identical.
The Driver & Passenger parts are interchangeable.

Why would I swap these parts?

The Driver seat always has more wear.
Especially on the left side,,, by the door.
 (yellow arrows)

The Passenger seat is always in better shape.
Especially on the left side,,, by the console.

Swapping the bottom parts puts the
BEST leg bolster (the passenger left leg)
next to the driver's door.

Below is how to change a Driver part
into a Passenger part:

The red arrows are the recliner mechanism bolts,
being a Driver seat these are on the left.

The blue arrow is the inboard Pivot Pin,
 being a Driver seat this is on the right.
Down and in front of the Pivot Pin
is a space with almost no foam.
Scrape away at this foam and there are 2 holes,
identical in location to the left side.
(shown here by green circles)
Use small tools to pick away any foam in the holes.
Transfer the recliner mechanism bolts
from the left side to the right side.

*These bolts are self-tapping
but use a little oil to help.
Remove the Pivot Pin, it is a Torx T-50.

Lift and remove the Pivot Pin Clip.
Back to the left side:

The green circle shows
a large hole stamped in the metal.
Use a putty knife to pull back the foam.
Insert the Pivot Pin Clip.
The Driver part is now
a Passenger part.
Do the same with the Passenger part.


You now have a great Driver part.